How to Choose Your Personal Word Of The Year.

Forget New Year's Resolutions

Are you tired of making New Year's resolutions that fail? Here's how to pick a personal word of the year to serve as a guide or give you something to focus on.

What is a personal “Word of the Year”?

It is a resolution that can be summarized into one single word.

Rather than making a list of resolutions, you select one simple word to serve as a gentle reminder throughout the year.

This word should represent your motivation and goal for the coming year.

It's not just about choosing a positive and motivating word, but also one that will assist you in focusing on your goals throughout the year.

For example, if you desire to become more organized, "organize" could very well be your Word.

This single word can help to remind you of what's important whenever you're feeling off track or unmotivated.

A personal Word or phrase is a great way to stay focused and motivated all year!

Why Choose a Word of the Year?

Choosing a Word or phrase is an excellent way to keep your resolutions and goals in focus.

A single word has the potential to be more powerful than any resolution you make.

It's easier to commit to one perfect word rather than multiple resolutions, and it can encompass everything you want for the coming year.

When selecting a word, make it something personal that speaks to your inner spirit and passion. It should inspire and motivate you to continue pursuing your life's dreams.

Your Word will assist you in staying focused and remind you why you embarked on this journey in the first place.

Take some time to reflect on what matters most to you and choose a word that speaks directly to your aspirations for the upcoming year.

How to Choose a Personal Word for the Year?

It's crucial that you choose a word that resonates with you, one that you can focus on when you need motivation or inspiration.

Think of it as creating a mantra to keep in mind throughout the year; it needs to be something positive, significant, and meaningful.

Consider words like courage, perseverance, growth, or resilience if these are qualities you want to develop or cultivate in yourself over the course of the year.

After you've chosen your word for the year, take some time to reflect on how this powerful word can shape your day-to-day decisions and actions.

Write down your thoughts or make a visual representation of your focus word to keep it front and center in your life.

Are you really struggling to come up with a word or phrase?

Do some soul-searching. Don't be afraid to dig deep.

Add to or subtract from your list as needed, and who says it needs to pick a word?

It's okay to Be you, be unique combine words to create a phrase that is dear to your heart.

Questions to help you choose your word of the year.

350 Personal Word of the Year Ideas

Set your goals for the upcoming year and be inspired by these 350 Personal Words of the Year ideas. 

Whatever your goals, desires, or aspirations may be, there is bound to be a suitable option for you. 

Pick one that speaks to you, or create your very own! 

Whatever you choose, it should represent who you want to become in the coming year, and provide motivation and focus as you strive to accomplish, achieve or surpass those goals. 

With these 350 ideas and the option to create your own, selecting your own new year word has never been easier.

How to impress a word of the year on your subconscious mind


Choose a Powerful Word

To imprint the word or phrase on your subconscious mind, you must first identify a meaningful and relevant word that resonates with your inner values and goals.


Use strategies to help you internalize your Personal Word of the year

Once you have identified the right term, it's time to get creative and use strategies to help you internalize it.

One approach is to write it down or carry an item with the word on your person or create a poster or collage featuring the word.

You can also listen to music featuring the word, practice saying it out loud daily whilst staring at yourself in a bathroom mirror, or draw pictures related to it.


Create an affirmation with your word

Additionally, making and repeating an affirmation each day, preferably when you wake up in the morning, during the day, and before you go to sleep, about why the word matters to you can also help cement it into your mind.


Visualize The Outcome You Want to Achieve.

Imagine yourself as the person you want to be as if you have already become that person. What does that individual look like to you?


Be patient, Stay Focused and Persevere

With these steps, you will be well on your way to forming a lasting connection between your choosen word or phrase of the year and your subconscious mind.

Choosing a word of the year for empowerment


Finally, deciding on a new word or uplifting phrase for the year can be a time-consuming process.

Before making a decision, you must first decide who you want to become or what you want to achieve.

It is critical to take your time when selecting the perfect word and to make the process enjoyable and exciting. Strive to be the best version of yourself.

Furthermore, if your chosen word brings you joy, power, or peace, saying or thinking about it will only serve to boost your inner spirit.

Remember to trust yourself and your own judgment, as you are the only one who can determine what is best for you in any given situation.

I hope you found this post helpful in your search for a word to focus on this year.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas; please share them in the comments section below.

Thank you to those of you who chose to share your list of words, goals, and actions.

Best wishes in life!!!!!

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